Life Cycle Of A Writer: Speaking in public – tips needed!

So pleased and proud of my friend and fellow Romaniac, Catherine Miller. What tips do you have for pitching that novel?

The Romaniacs

I’ve been making an effort to be brave lately, entering more competitions and generally putting my writing work out there more. Only it’s possible I’ve been too brave as last week I found out I’m a finalist in the London Book Fair Author HQ Write Stuff event. It involves a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch to a panel of agents.

The last time I spoke in public was in March when I received the Katie Fforde bursary and the trophy toppled (you can see it starting to tumble in this picture) mid speeches. So I’m asking for any tips to help me with my pitch? What would you include in your two minutes if you were asked to pitch your latest novel?


Catherine x

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Jan Brigden: Winner and Contracted Author!

So thrilled for Jan 😀

The Romaniacs

424171_2997879859652_2014874345_n Jan Brigden. Contracted author.

 We’ve had a WILD weekend at Romaniac HQ, celebrating the doubleplusgood news that our lovely, wonderful, talented


is the WINNER of the Choc Lit and Whole Story Audiobooks Search for a Star Competition,

with her contemporary romance, As Weekends Go,



We are besides ourselves with joy and are eating cream buns and chocolate cake with great abandon.

Time for more G&T cup cakes? Time for more G&T cup cakes?

Jan – we wanted to congratulate you on your well-deserved success and we cannot wait to see your debut published.

Many, many congratulations 😀


The Romaniacs xxxxxxx

Romaniac Group Heart Pumping

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Dear Auntie Romaniac… Plotting panic

Plotting problems? Let Auntie Romaniac help …

The Romaniacs

Dear Auntie Romaniac …


I’m just beginning to think about a new book idea. I’ve bought a new notebook and a new pen and I have some vague thoughts in my head. Now, what I usually do is have a beginning and an end in mind, a setting and an idea of my main characters and armed with that, I begin writing and the story forms as I write and as I really get to know the characters. The problem is, I then end up with lots of scenes and chapters that are really just character studies, or nice descriptive bits, which don’t advance the story and my second/third drafts involve major re-writing. I have tried advance planning and plotting and character questionnaires but I struggle until I get into the minds of my characters by writing them. How can I plot and structure my book when I don’t really…

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Life Cycle of a Writer: Seeing The Light

It’s my turn over at Romaniac HQ with my Life Cycle of a Writer. I’ve emerged from my writing cave …

The Romaniacs

*Blink* *Blink*


I’ve emerged from my writer’s cave. It’s sunny, bright, and I’ve discovered spring has sprung, my children have each grown an inch, and so has my waist.

My third novel, currently titled, What Doesn’t Kill You, has left the building. I’ve spent quite some time with it, holed up in my cave, ensuring I delivered it to my publishers on time. I was in plaster when I started writing the book, having undergone ulna head replacement surgery December 2013, and was a tad impeded to start with, spending months in casts and splints. I had planned to complete the book in nine months, but it’s taken a year. That’s a record for me. My first novel, Truth or Dare? took a steady six years, (something like nine drafts from start to publication), and Follow Me Follow Youtook eighteen months. During those times, my children were younger and…

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Life Cycle of a Writer : Editorial Revisions

Sue Fortin is this week’s Life Cycle of a Writer contributor over at Romaniac HQ. Today, it’s the dreaded E word. Edits.

The Romaniacs


Today I’m vlogging about receiving revision notes from my editor, Charlotte Ledger at HarperImpulse. If you have three and a half minutes to spare, please do take a look.



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Something For The Weekend

Another reason I love Dorset – its wonderful traditions. Last year we went to the Dorset Knob Throwing Championship. Here are some Dorset Knobs for the weekend.

The Romaniacs

IMG_6377 Dorset Knob Throwing Championships

IMG_6369 Knob Archery

IMG_6376 A great Dorset tradition


IMG_6380 Eight Dorset Knobs

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Anniversary Celebrations and Giveaway!

Great giveaway from The Romaniacs. Please don’t leave your names on this blog, as we cannot keep track. If you’d like to enter, please visit the Romaniac pages. Many thanks.

The Romaniacs



Can you believe it? Today, The Romaniac blog is a whopping three years old. Three years! We have had the most amazing journey over those years, both with each other and with all you lovely lot, too.

When we launched our blog, back in February 2012, we never imagined we would receive such a warm, welcoming response from everyone. It has been truly amazing.

Over those three years we have each grown as individuals. Some of us have won awards, some of us have bagged an agent, some of us have started new careers and taken writing into a new direction. There are some of us who have taken the plunge and crossed genres and even those who have decided to write in a few different ones. A few have had publishing contracts and we’ve even given talks!

We’ve each had our ups and our downs, but you have all been there, standing…

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