I have never before blogged. This is an entirely new process for me. Sure, I have kept diaries and I have expressed myself in written form on many occasions – sometimes it makes beautiful sense and other times it’s complete clap-trap, but words are simply brilliant.

I have enjoyed the English language since I was very young – I credit my mother with that – she always has a book or three on the go. It is the same in our house. Reading and writing bring immeasurable pleasure to our lives.

How can one not love the feel of a book, or the sound of pages gently trilling through our fingers? And what about the smell of a new book? It always reminds me of a spring-time meadow. The look of a new book sets off a completely different response to that of an old book – how many hands has it passed through? Who has held and taken in this book? How many lives had it touched? Did it make them laugh or cry?

That leaves taste – I must have tasted a few in my nappy years!

With words, come poems and songs and ultimately, singing and music.


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