No More Waiting! Catherine’s Debut is Here!

HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY, CATHERINE MILLER! Laura: The first time I met Catherine, she was waiting for me at an M3 service station. It was 06:00, it was dark and we were both heading to Watford for th…

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Life cycle of a writer: when life gets in the way…

Source: Life cycle of a writer: when life gets in the way…

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Life Cycle of a Writer – Exciting News!

If you’re local or you fancy a day out, we’d love to see you there. Books will be available for purchase and signing 😀

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Merry Christmas from The Romaniacs!

Source: Merry Christmas from The Romaniacs!

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SFTW: The Sparkle 2015 Premier!

After many hours of footage, we give you the premier of The Romaniacs 2015 Sparkle weekend …

The Romaniacs

First there was Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Then there was


And we’re all set for 2016.

We have one more post this year, but what an amazing year it’s been, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful support and friendship.

Thank you.

The Romaniacs xxx

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SFTW: AS Weekends Go

Celebrating the debut release of my lovely friend and fellow Romaniac, Jan Brigden and her Choc Lit novel, As Weekends Go.

The Romaniacs


This is a very special Something For The Weekend.

It’s publication day for Jan Brigden’s debut As Weekends Go!


As Weekends Go won the Choc Lit and Whole Story Audiobooks Search For A Star competition 2014/2015, and we are immensely proud of and thrilled for Jan. It is a fabulous novel, with a stunning cover. Jan’s warmth oozes from the pages.

Under normal circumstances, Jan is custodian of the Romaniac Honkometer, but we liberated it from HQ so we could do this:


And now for a few words from the Romaniacs …

Laura: Jan, many congratulations on the release of your debut. It’s a huge achievement and I am absolutely delighted for you. Not only are you a wonderful writer, but a genuine, supportive and warm-hearted person, who I am very lucky to be able to call my friend. Have an incredible day – take it all in, enjoy…

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SFTW: What Doesn’t Kill You.

My third novel, spearheading the new Dark Choc Lit imprint, is called ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’.

The Romaniacs

What Doesn't Kill You Laura E James_FRONT_150dpi

I am excited, thrilled and nervous today, as my third novel for Choc Lit is released. What Doesn’t Kill You is published under Choc Lit’s new imprint, Dark Choc Lit – compelling, emotional, hard-hitting novels. Not your typical romance story.

Released on NetGalley for early reviews, I am delighted to say the novel has been warmly received, and I thank everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on the story.

Told from three perspectives, WDKY is set in and around the Jurassic Coast, making it the third in the Chesil Beach series. We meet our hero, Griff Hendry, as he stands on Portland Bill, watching the stormy sea. His life is as turbulent as the English Channel, with secrets and past torments threatening to drown everything he knows and loves. His wife, Evie, has pushed him away; he’s at odds with his fifteen-year-old step-daughter, Tess, and he…

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Life Cycle Of A Writer: Speaking in public – tips needed!

So pleased and proud of my friend and fellow Romaniac, Catherine Miller. What tips do you have for pitching that novel?

The Romaniacs

I’ve been making an effort to be brave lately, entering more competitions and generally putting my writing work out there more. Only it’s possible I’ve been too brave as last week I found out I’m a finalist in the London Book Fair Author HQ Write Stuff event. It involves a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch to a panel of agents.

The last time I spoke in public was in March when I received the Katie Fforde bursary and the trophy toppled (you can see it starting to tumble in this picture) mid speeches. So I’m asking for any tips to help me with my pitch? What would you include in your two minutes if you were asked to pitch your latest novel?


Catherine x

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Jan Brigden: Winner and Contracted Author!

So thrilled for Jan 😀

The Romaniacs

424171_2997879859652_2014874345_n Jan Brigden. Contracted author.

 We’ve had a WILD weekend at Romaniac HQ, celebrating the doubleplusgood news that our lovely, wonderful, talented


is the WINNER of the Choc Lit and Whole Story Audiobooks Search for a Star Competition,

with her contemporary romance, As Weekends Go,



We are besides ourselves with joy and are eating cream buns and chocolate cake with great abandon.

Time for more G&T cup cakes? Time for more G&T cup cakes?

Jan – we wanted to congratulate you on your well-deserved success and we cannot wait to see your debut published.

Many, many congratulations 😀


The Romaniacs xxxxxxx

Romaniac Group Heart Pumping

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Dear Auntie Romaniac… Plotting panic

Plotting problems? Let Auntie Romaniac help …

The Romaniacs

Dear Auntie Romaniac …


I’m just beginning to think about a new book idea. I’ve bought a new notebook and a new pen and I have some vague thoughts in my head. Now, what I usually do is have a beginning and an end in mind, a setting and an idea of my main characters and armed with that, I begin writing and the story forms as I write and as I really get to know the characters. The problem is, I then end up with lots of scenes and chapters that are really just character studies, or nice descriptive bits, which don’t advance the story and my second/third drafts involve major re-writing. I have tried advance planning and plotting and character questionnaires but I struggle until I get into the minds of my characters by writing them. How can I plot and structure my book when I don’t really…

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